“I have never really understood my dyslexia.  I think I had always just assumed that the ‘glitch’ was fixed. My mother always said I would never be able to spell but otherwise it was not a big deal. I think we all really just believed that now that I don’t confuse my letters all I had to deal with was the spelling. But in the back of my mind, I think I always knew there were other things affected as well.  I learned so much reading your book….  I feel like I understand myself as an adult so much better and I didn’t expect that.”   Caity Mold-Zern, Product Licensing, MoMA

“Your book is very, very touching and very helpful for any teacher, parent and, especially, any dyslexic child. It will be a great comfort for people who have this diagnosis to know that success is possible. ”   Margaret Sachs, Educator

“thanks for the information – you’ve already spurred one family to action!” Anonymous

“I especially like all your stories of what it is like to be a child with dyslexia, because I think that is hard for grown ups and parents to really know.”  Kimberly Palmer, Senior Editor US News and World Report

“You vividly elucidate the struggles of growing up with dyslexia. More importantly, you include important life lessons for all people.”   Rabbi Peter Rubinstein, Head Rabbi Central Synagogue, New York

“I commend you on the courage to tell your story and the huge accomplishment of writing a whole book!  The result is really something beautiful that I am sure will help many. It has already helped me. Your book gave me some very valuable insight into what my students may be experiencing emotionally. The part about being disruptive in class to avoid having to read really hit a chord! I also understand now why their writing is the way it is.”  Ellen Berger, Educator

“As a teacher of students with “emotional disabilities”, I occasionally work with students with dyslexia.  I cannot tell you how many times I have said to a fellow teacher, “I wish I could get inside his/her head for a while to see the world as he/she sees it.”  What your book did was to give me that insight.” Liz Elliot, Educator

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